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Tap into a World of Rhythm, Style, and Musicality with Tap Dance Classes for Kids & Teens!

At Annex Dance Academy, we’re thrilled to invite your children to a world of rhythmic exploration and self-expression through our exceptional Tap Dance Classes in Toronto, thoughtfully designed for young learners. Our dedicated instructors curate a warm and encouraging atmosphere where children not only learn but thrive as dancers. Our primary focus lies in imparting impeccable technique and building a sturdy foundation, perfectly suited for young tap dancers at every level.

Our emphasis is on rhythm, style, and musicality. It is an energetic class that keeps your mind ticking and your feet tapping!

Tap dance, at its essence, cultivates strength, coordination, and a keen sense of rhythm, all while nurturing the musical and artistic talents of your kids. Our classes seamlessly fuse the timeless charm of traditional tap with contemporary techniques, ensuring each session is an exciting and enjoyable journey. We wholeheartedly embrace creative expression and individuality, enabling each young dancer to shine in their unique way.

Join our vibrant community of young dancers and let your children set out on a captivating voyage to discover the sheer delight of Tap Dance at Annex Dance Academy! Gift them the art of dance and witness them flourish into self-assured performers. Enroll your kids today, and together, let’s create a rhythm that resonates with their heart and soul.

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All tuition includes: 33 weeks of classes, a recital costume and a recital video 

Tuition shown is one out of 10 instalments of an overall annual fee value

Prorated tuition is calculated based on start date.  

Graceful Footwork: Celebrating Our Tap Dancers

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Rhythm & Precision

Tap dance classes for kids sharpen their rhythmic agility and precision as they learn to create intricate rhythms with their feet, fostering coordination and a strong sense of timing.

Creative Expression

Tap dance encourages creative expression and self-identity in children, allowing them to develop their unique artistic voice while gaining confidence in their abilities.

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