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At Annex Dance Academy, we’re thrilled to invite your children into the enchanting realm of lyrical dance. Our esteemed Lyrical Dance Classes in Toronto are meticulously designed to cater to young learners, fostering an environment that not only promotes learning but also nurtures their growth as dancers. We prioritize teaching the correct technique and establishing a solid foundation that suits dancers of all skill levels.

Lyrical dance, one of today’s most beloved dance forms, combines contemporary style with a robust foundation in Ballet and Jazz. This unique fusion creates a dance style that captures the heart and soul of every performance. It’s a powerful testament to the transformative power of movement.

Our experienced instructors are dedicated to creating a warm and supportive atmosphere, ensuring that children not only learn but also flourish as dancers. Lyrical dance classes at Annex Dance Academy encourage creative expression and individuality, allowing each young dancer to radiate their unique brilliance.

Join our dynamic community of young dancers and allow your children to embark on an enthralling journey of self-discovery through the enchanting world of Lyrical Dance. Gift them the joy of dance, and witness them flourish into confident performers who express themselves with every graceful movement. Enroll your kids today and let the magic of Lyrical Dance unfold!”

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All tuition includes: 33 weeks of classes, a recital costume and a recital video 

Tuition shown is one out of 10 instalments of an overall annual fee value

Prorated tuition is calculated based on start date.  

Soulful Steps: Spotlighting Our Lyrical Dancers

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Expressive Storytelling

Lyrical dance classes allow kids to express themselves through storytelling, helping them develop a unique form of self-expression and enhancing their ability to communicate emotions through movement.

Musical Interpretation

Lyrical dance fosters a deep connection to music, enabling kids to interpret and respond to music in a profound way, thereby refining their musicality and appreciation for various music genres.

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