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At Annex Dance Academy, we’re thrilled to invite your children to a world where hip-hop dance ignites their passion for movement, music, and self-discovery. Our exceptional Hip Hop Dance Classes in Toronto are custom-tailored for young learners, and our dedicated instructors cultivate an atmosphere that’s not just about learning but thriving as dancers. We place a strong emphasis on mastering the coolest techniques and building a rock-solid foundation that suits young dancers at every level.

Hip Hop is fun and exciting and keeps you moving in step with the latest trends in music and motion. Some advanced classes may include break-dancing, adding an extra layer of excitement and challenge to your child’s dance journey.

Our classes inspire creativity, self-expression, and a profound connection to the rhythm of the streets. We foster individuality, allowing young dancers to shine in their unique style. Join our dynamic community of young dancers at Annex Dance Academy, and let your children embark on an exhilarating journey to discover the joy of Hip Hop Dance! Gift them the enduring magic of dance and watch their confidence soar as they become vibrant performers. Enroll your kids today, and together, we’ll create a symphony of movement and artistry!”

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All tuition includes: 33 weeks of classes, a recital costume and a recital video 

Tuition shown is one out of 10 instalments of an overall annual fee value

Prorated tuition is calculated based on start date.  

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Creativity & Self-Identity

Hip hop dance classes encourage kids to express themselves creatively, fostering their self-identity and confidence as they develop their unique style and groove.

Cultural Awareness

Hip hop dance often incorporates cultural elements, helping kids develop cultural awareness and an appreciation for diversity as they explore different styles and origins of the dance form.

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