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Why Choose Annex Dance Academy?

We provide fun and educational classes for all ages and levels. Whether your child is 2 or 18, beginner or advanced, each child will be given the attention and proper instruction to make their experience at ANNEX the best possible one. 

We provide a nurturing environment that offers fun yet challenging lessons for each class. Every child is different and at ADA we work with each Dancer to achieve their personal goals, whatever they may be. We also offer a large variety of Dance styles so that each child will get to experience whatever genre is best suited for their desire. 

We have a OPEN/recreational and COMPETITIVE streams at our studio. Both are highly successful and satisfying. Catering to the student who wants to learn and enjoy the art of dance and the students who want to take it to the next level. We also offer the opportunity to complete dance exams with highly acclaimed organizations recognized world-wide for their high standards and curriculum. Our Family-friendly environment keeps our clients coming back year after year.

What Makes Annex Dance Academy Different?

We consider our family-friendly studio a unique experience. As many schools pack the students in and consider them to be a number. At ADA, we offer close relationships with the students and their families, always going above and beyond to give a personal touch to our clients. Every student is acknowledged and we are here to help them achieve their personal goals and to work with each family on their individual needs. Our kind and nurturing environment provides a safe, healthy and happy experience for each Dancer that comes through our door.
We are so proud to offer our clients the best, most professional and enthusiastic teachers. All of our accredited faculty comes from the professional world of Dance. These highly educated and experienced teachers are leading professionals in the industry. Each Faculty member is committed to giving the best dance lessons to our deserving students.
Our Facilities are clean, open spaces with professional Dance flooring. Large rooms with high-end sound equipment. The studios and waiting areas are clean and well- kept to offer all our clients a welcome environment. Each studio classroom has a glass door so you can view the dancers. As well as a video display of the lessons on the TVs located in the waiting area / lobbies, we welcome our parents to view their children’s progress from this area.
Over 10 years in business we are always working on how to make the Dance year easier and more efficient for each of our families. We are extremely organized and proud of it. We email, call, give out free student and parent handbooks, we use our nifty free-ADA app, our website and our mobile site, as well as in house newsletters and regular posting on bulletin boards to keep you updated with any goings on at our school. We post our holidays and any scheduled events a year in advance on our website so that information is always laid out for you before the season even starts. Also, our friendly office staff is in-house and available to answer questions or assist you during our operating hours. We are thrilled with our feedback from our families that they love our communication and our organization.
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The point of participating in Dance Arts is to give children a chance to grow and gain in confidence. We are so pleased to offer our students a chance to showcase their talents in an annual recital. They get the opportunity to wear beautiful custom made costumes and dance in a professional theater. It is so rewarding year after year to watch our students learn new routines, gain confidence and experience the life of a performer. The students are accompanied by professional lighting and sound. Every Dancer feels like a star up on the performance stage. We also offer many other performance opportunities throughout the year for our ADA families such as; Santa Claus Parade, Raptors and Toronto Argos, etc.. These opportunities are completely optional and are offered if you would like the extra performance experiences. We are proud to give our students many different experiences in the performing arts.


We are thrilled to be able to offer our students lessons and exams based on R.A.D., (Royal Academy of Dancing) A.D.A.P.T (Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers) and Acrobatic Arts syllabus from our fully qualified teachers. Examinations are conducted by professional teachers sent to our studio to test our dancers’ skills and reward them with certificates upon successful presentation of the required work based on the requirements of each level within the syllabi. These certifications are recognized both nationally and internationally respectively. We are also attentive to our parents concerns of how children are being pushed and growing-up too quickly in today’s society. In all our classes we use current and popular music but we are selective and cautious that it is ALWAYS appropriate. We feel the same when choosing children’s costumes. We are totally conscious of today’s music industries suggestive movements and we pride ourselves on always making sure our dancers are AGE APPROPRIATE. We are proud of our fun and dynamic routines that always stay current and appropriate.

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