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At Annex Dance Academy, we’re thrilled to welcome your children to a world of rhythmic wonder, where jazz dance becomes the canvas for self-expression and discovery. Our Jazz Dance Classes in Toronto are meticulously designed to cater to young learners, and our dedicated instructors foster a warm and supportive environment where kids don’t just learn – they thrive as dancers. We place a strong emphasis on mastering technique and building a robust foundation that suits young dancers of all levels.

Jazz is a high-energy class that incorporates stretching, strength, musicality, and technique. Our classes delve deep into the fundamentals of various Jazz dance styles, providing your child with a comprehensive dance education that’s as exhilarating as it is educational.

Beyond the physical benefits of strength, flexibility, and grace, jazz dance encourages kids to nurture their musical and artistic talents, giving them a unique creative outlet. Our classes seamlessly blend the timeless elegance of traditional jazz with contemporary styles, ensuring each session is an inspiring journey into the world of dance. We treasure individuality and creative expression, allowing young dancers to shine in their own unique way.

Join our vibrant community of young dancers at Annex Dance Academy and let your children embark on a captivating journey to discover the sheer joy of Jazz Dance! Gift them the enduring magic of dance and witness their confidence soar as they blossom into dynamic performers. Enroll your kids today, and together, we’ll create a symphony of rhythm and artistry!”

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All tuition includes: 33 weeks of classes, a recital costume and a recital video 

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Expressive Communication

Jazz dance classes for kids encourage expressive communication through movement, helping them convey emotions, stories, and ideas, fostering creativity and emotional intelligence.

Musical Awareness

Jazz dance enhances kids' musical awareness as they learn to sync their movements with various rhythms and tempos, improving their ability to appreciate and interpret music in a meaningful way.

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